Over Worked
Job Suck
Family Problems
Money Worries
Worldwide phenomenon 'FUKITOL' is about to embark on yet another adventure by bringing you REAL FUKITOL products.


FACT 1. The Fukitol Phone App will be available for download by the end of may. For .99c you will be able to download a very useful soundtrack that will help de-stress and sooth your troubled mind. We will be celebtating our APPs launch by giving away a holiday for 2 people to the famous aussie holiday destination in Noosa Heads, all expenses paid.

FACT 2. All the talk about FUKITOL not being real will be a thing of the past. We have developed a supplement formula that will help with stress and anxiety FOR REAL. This will be ready for release May/June.

FACT 3. The new website is currently under construction and will be fully active and out there by the end of may.

This is just the beginning of the rebirth of FUKITOL.

If you have any ideas or wish to have any input please don't hesitate to contact us at:

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